Thursday, October 10, 2013


over the past few months, i have been having a strong desire to make my blog more visual. this desire has grown since i am now unable to upload photos onto my computer. after looking at different options, i am excited to announce that i have found the perfect space! it is great for my situation since it focuses on iphone photography and i love how quickly you can display images. no more blogging stress! i am still deciding what i am going to do with this space. i may still use it for sharing videos since my new space does not include videography. we will see! i also plan to try and keep this site a bit different than my instagram and probably include more photos of the same trip like when we went to disney and outx. sometimes it is exhausting doing so many latergrams. and now, please join me at i hope you enjoy my new space!


ps. watch the beautiful promo video for the cam and grid here. you will have to scroll down the page a  bit and it is the one with the thumbnail of fog among trees.


Laura Olson said...

YAY! I love it! I can't wait to see so many wonderful photos!

True Blue Tracy said...

Ok, but every time you post some photos include a link from this blog... it will make my stalking of you easier.

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